Rosed Out presents the work of Raven and friends in all its intricacy and expansiveness. As mother-tree, Rosed Out bears all sorts of fruits. Branched out in two houses – Rosed Out Records and Rosed Out Presents – the main aim is to create a field for creative fertility and cross-pollination. The first, Rosed Out Records, is the soil where music is nurtured till blossom. The second, Rosed Out Presents, hosts a space to promote events and radio shows on uncompromised terms. Most refined, Rosed Out offers a deep dive into vibrant and kaleidoscopic minds. More than anything, these minds are shaped by its surroundings – including you.


text: Sydney van Nieuwaal
logo & typography design: Wolf Aartsen
web & graphic design: Geke Zaal & Dirk de Gram