Premier Leak
(NTS, 2022)

Radio show at NTS
Take over of Kelman Duran’s residency
An hour long special of unreleased and new music by the Rosed Out family along with some favorite tunes

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Mix: Raven & Marjolijn
Leader credits: Giuliano Bolivar, Vita Siukynaite, David Coehorst, Marjolijn Verkerk, Roel van der Meulen, Raven Artson

Track ID:
Kelman Duran - MAS
L0LA - toothy
Cero Ismael - Temper ogchrd (unreleased)
ALCATRAZ - amore unlimited
Odunsi (the engine) - insomnia > lifestyle (unreleased)
BEA1991 - Tranquility
True Blue - Why Do (unreleased)
Raven Artson - Fuck n Sleep ft. St. Panther (unreleased)
Coco & Clair Clair - TLG ft. Kreayshawn
АИГЕЛ - Татарин
Tohji, Loota  Brodinski - Yodaka
Ray Fuego - MIA (unreleased)
vntageparadise - Wicked (unreleased)
Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time
House of EL - Something Special
Mucky - Deep End ft. Raven Artson & Shadi (unreleased)
Roelroel - Driving (unreleased)
ONY - Guts
Kruzer & Will Cherry - Offline (unreleased)
Kensuke Ushio - Akira The Wild
jopie - belong (unreleased)
Alpha Tracks - No More (unreleased)